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Last weekend I went on a bit of a road trip up to Aberdeen to shoot the Granite City Roller Girls travel teams, the Northern Fights and the Fight Hawks. We shot the Hawks in Banff and the Fights up

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Roller Derby Photography – what and where to shoot

Previously I’ve posted Roller Derby photography articles about colour, equipment and camera settings, as those are subjects close to my heart and easy for a huge camera geek like me to write about, but I really should address the mechanics

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Flash Controller

Well, Phottix have finally released the Odin 2 flash controller with a more sensible button layout, a wheel controller and support for up to 5 flash channels when using the new receivers. With my old Odin 1 receivers I can

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Roller Derby Camera Settings

When I started shooting Roller Derby I was a studio photographer with studio equipment and experience. I almost never shot moving subjects and rarely shot without a tripod. The next couple of years were spent climbing a steep sports learning

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Roller Derby Photography – Don’t be a dick.

Earlier this week Jason Ruffell wrote a blog piece about professionalism in roller derby photography – don’t be a dick. Quite rightly encouraging more professionalism among derby photographers in the hope that those of us with cameras will then be

Roller Derby Colour

Back when I started using flash to shoot Roller Derby (in an attempt to get sharper blocker shots for GRG bout programme covers) I had huge colour balance problems. A quick colour 101 for non-photographers. Colour is said to have

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Roller Derby Photography

Last year, while I was in Dallas shooting the World Cup, there was some talk of writing something about Roller Derby photography. At that point I didn’t really have the time, but now that I’m loitering around airports a lot

Travel Tip

A technology tip for those planning a trip to somewhere far away and unfamiliar. Grab some offline map data on WiFi before you go, and you’ll be able to use that map when you have data turned off on your

Adderby Family

Every year at Halloween, Glasgow Roller Derby play Rainy City Roller Girls. This year the fine people at GRD decided that a suitably spooky Halloween photo was needed for the bout poster, so after much plotting and scheming it was decided that the


A few things are pretty much guaranteed at Roller Derby bouts: wheels, hits, action and dancing. Now there are usually people around with video cameras, but somehow the low tech approach with DSLR shooting a few frames per second seems