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Previously I’ve posted Roller Derby photography articles about colour, equipment and camera settings, as those are subjects close to my heart and easy for a huge camera geek like me to write about, but I really should address the mechanics …

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When I started shooting Roller Derby I was a studio photographer with studio equipment and experience. I almost never shot moving subjects and rarely shot without a tripod. The next couple of years were spent climbing a steep sports learning …

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Back when I started using flash to shoot Roller Derby (in an attempt to get sharper blocker shots for GRG bout programme covers) I had huge colour balance problems. A quick colour 101 for non-photographers. Colour is said to have …

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On Thursday morning I leave for Toronto to shoot the first Roller Derby World Cup with Team Scotland. Weight is an issue, so I have to travel light. Yea, right. It’s not just camera and film any more. These days …

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For a while now I’ve been struggling with exposure and colour balance problems when shooting roller derby at the Glasgow Caledonian ARC. Every so often a shot will be underexposed and usually of a slightly warmer colour temperature than the …

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Next Saturday, 26/11/11, I’ll be travelling to Dundee to photograph the Silvery Tayzers playing the Fair City Rollers Fear Maidens. This will be my last shoot before I leave for Toronto to shoot Team Scotland playing in the first roller derby world cup. DaveMc

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The last game of the Glasgow Roller Girls 2011 season, the Home Teams Final between the Death Stars and the Bad Omens is next weekend at the Glasgow Caledonian ARC. I’ll be there to photograph the bout and eat cake. …

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I’m a pretty terrible blogger, but as I’ll be heading out to Toronto in a few weeks to cover the Team Scotland competing in the first Roller Derby World Cup I thought I might put in some extra effort and …

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